Run a business? Check out LessAccounting, our bookkeeping system that'll save you hours per week.


We built the entrepreneur's bookkeeping system, it's called LessAccounting. You'll probably love it.
We build really amazingly simple accounting software for small business, micro-businesses.
Use it & love us.

Who We Are

We make no excuse for being ourselves.

Our Personalities

Things We Dislike...

  • Internet nerd jargon.
  • Enterprisey programming languages (Java).
  • Dieting...less everything except food.
  • Bad web browsers.

Things We Love...

  • Our families.
  • Clean Usability & Design.
  • Less code with Ruby on Rails.
  • Mr. T & the rest of the A-Team.

Things We Believe...

  • Success isn't guaranteed.
  • Make time for your family.
  • Be yourself. Be saintly. Be love.
  • Always make an effort to empathize.
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We Blog

Read about what we think & do to improve

Latest Blog Articles

The Coolest Piece of Code

written by Steven on February 03, 2016
Steve tells the story of the coolest piece of software he's written.

Everything you wanted to know about how we build a business

written by Steven on October 21, 2015
We are going to start blogging everything we are doing with LessChurn. What's good, what's bad, what's working, what's not, what crazy things we're trying and how did they work out.

How we track links

written by Steven on October 21, 2015
How we construct links so we can track what's working.

Creativity is a fickle muscle

written by Allan on April 29, 2013
Creativity can be killed...

LessConf sponsors are the best

written by Allan on April 22, 2013
A little thank you note to the sponsors of LessConf 2013.

How We Handle Our Remote Teams

written by Allan on March 27, 2013
Here's how Steve and Allan run a remote team and stay connected while being remote business partners.
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