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We built the entrepreneur's bookkeeping system, it's called LessAccounting. You'll probably love it.
We build really amazingly simple accounting software for small business, micro-businesses.
Use it & love us.

Who We Are

We make no excuse for being ourselves.

Our Personalities

Things We Dislike...

  • Internet nerd jargon.
  • Enterprisey programming languages (Java).
  • Dieting...less everything except food.
  • Bad web browsers.

Things We Love...

  • Our families.
  • Clean Usability & Design.
  • Less code with Ruby on Rails.
  • Mr. T & the rest of the A-Team.

Things We Believe...

  • Success isn't guaranteed.
  • Make time for your family.
  • Be yourself. Be saintly. Be love.
  • Always make an effort to empathize.
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We Blog

Read about what we think & do to improve

Latest Blog Articles

What are Bots and Conversational UIs?

written by Eugen on May 18, 2016
Bots are all the rage these days, but what are they? Here's a simple introduction to them.

How Not to Do Customer Service

written by Steven on May 17, 2016
Bad experience and no customer support are a recipe for disaster. Here's one story that illustrates this point.

The Two Most Powerful Things I Can Say

written by Steven on May 12, 2016
There are two phrases that can be used to disarm and defuse many situations. "I don't know" and "I was wrong" and why they're powerful are discussed.

Let's be honest, you really don’t want it.

written by Allan on May 10, 2016
If you wanted it to build a product you’d find a way to get time to work on it. If you really wanted to start that new hobby you’d sacrifice something to find the time and money to do it.

Types of Wannabe Entrepreneurs

written by Allan on May 03, 2016
I'll define a "Wannabe Entrepreneur" as someone who has never made money from their businesses. Here are the different types of wannabes.

There Are Four Types of Entrepreneurs

written by Steven on April 28, 2016
In the history of the world there have only ever been four types of entrepreneurs. What type are you and how can you improve?
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